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A number of services are available at the IT Services Helpdesk. Here is a brief overview of some of them.

User Registration
All users must be registered to use services provided centrally by IT Services. Registration involves proving your identity (usually by means of a student or staff ID card), agreeing to the terms and conditions of the use of computing facilities, and being allocated a number of usernumber/password pairs. Registration is always required before being able to use the central IT Services computing labs and email services, and registration may also be required for other services.
IP address allocations
All computing equipment to be used on the network must have an IP address registered. For departmental equipment, the departmental Computer Officer will normally co-ordinate IP registrations. A number of details will be required about the equipment in order to register it. PCs in the Halls of Residence will have an IP address automatically assigned when they are first used by DHCP.
Network point installations
Requests for new data points on University premises should be made to the Helpdesk. You will need to provide full details on where the points are to go, and the budget code to charge the work to.
Fault Reporting
All faults relating to the network or to other centrally-provided computing facilities should be reported to the Helpdesk. In departments, faults should normally be reported by the departmental Computer Officer where it is likely to be a general problem. This helps to prevent the same fault being reported by a number of people (and thus freeing up Helpdesk staff to pursue investigation of the fault), and allows the Computer Officer the opportunity to suggest specific advice to affected parties, or gather further information that may enable the IT Services staff to identify and rectify the fault.
Software help and distribution
Staff on the Helpdesk have experience in a number of common software applications, and may be able to offer assistance with problems. Some software media is available for loan to staff or students for installation on University computers under certain licence agreements, and the Helpdesk would be the first point of contact for obtaining this.
Application forms
Application forms for various additional services can be obtained from the Helpdesk. Examples include the "WWW Provider Application Form" which is required for members of staff and students requiring an allocation of space on the University web server for their department/society, etc.
General computing queries
Helpdesk staff may be able to offer assistance with any general computing queries you may have, or may be able to direct you to someone who can. Because in the course of their duties they speak to many people, they have extensive experience of the expertise of various organisations, groups, and staff around the campus.

Please note that sometimes, especially in the case of faults with centrally provided systems, the Helpdesk may not be able to provide an immediate solution. Details of the problem may be taken and it will then be passed to an appropriate support group. A member of the support group (or the Helpdesk again) may then get in touch to request more information, or to give information on when the problem can be fixed. Please be patient after reporting a fault; some can be difficult to resolve and may take some time. All faults are logged and tracked in the Helpdesk database system.

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